Oriental Hallway Rug Runners by Nejad

A sampling of some of our best-selling Oriental rug hallway runners in lengths up to 20' or more  

9937IYRS Fine Tabriz 18516GORS Aubuson 18304GOGO Serapi
9937IYRS Fine Tabriz18516GORS Aubuson18304GOGO Serapi
6095RTNY Heriz 7086IYRS Kashan 20753NYIY Peperdil
6095RTNY Heriz7086IYRS Kashan20753NYIY Peperdil
5251IYBL Floral Aubuson 20741SABR Sultanabad 8496IYNY Kashan
5251IYBL Floral Aubuson20741SABR Sultanabad8496IYNY Kashan
17343BGBG Garden Esfahan 16347EMIY Kashan 17303LTGR Garden Agra
17343BGBG Garden Esfahan16347EMIY Kashan17303LTGR Garden Agra
15045IYNY Hunt Tabriz 17225TPBG Northwest 14654TLNY Herati
15045IYNY Hunt Tabriz17225TPBG Northwest14654TLNY Herati
9511TPBK Arts & Crafts area rug runner T093AISA Tabriz rug runner 9036GNIY Kashan rug runner
9511TPBK Arts & CraftsT093AISA Tabriz9036GNIY Kashan
T006TPBK Sivas area rug runner 9613TPBK Aubuson hallway runner 9613TPBK Aubuson hallway runner
T006TPBK Coco Sivas22898BK Fruit9613TPBK Aubusson
NP002 Versailles Abusson M014RTNY Heriz hallway runner NP002 Versailles Abusson
NP002BGGN Versailles AbussonM014RTNY Signature HerizNP002BREM Versailles Abusson

Choose from a large selection of very fine quality Persian hallway runners - in stock!  

Nejad Installs Staircase Runners throughout the
Philadelphia - Bucks County Area!

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