Bell Avenue Elementary School – Yeadon, PA Kindergarten – Highest Poverty

students holding the poster they made thanking Nejad Rugs

Dear Theresa & Ali Nejad,

Thank you so much for the kindles. My students have been using them daily
since they arrived at school. I use many different free apps to help them
with letter recognition, number identification, reading, number and letter
writing. I have students who have gained confidence in their abilities in
kindergarten from using the educational apps.

Ali Nejad holding the poster made by the Bell Ave Kindergarten

Students who were a behavioral challenge love using the kindles as a reward.
Students who have fine motor difficulty are writing numbers and letters on
the Kindle using their finger. I am hopeful that they will become more
comfortable with writing on paper soon.

The most exciting thing about the kindles for my students is the interactive
and rewarding activities that are on the apps. They like the learning games
too. The kindles are used to help differentiate instruction. Some students
require further letter or number recognition. Some are ready to add and
subtract. Some students are ready to read stories on the Kindle.

The most popular apps are Elmo’s ABC’s, Elmo’s 123s, and Starfall. When I
see a student confuses a letter with another, I put them on Starfall to
practice those letters. I then check for understanding after the activity
and they have learned the correct letter. Because of your generous donation,
one third of my class has an opportunity to use the kindles at least twice
a day.

With gratitude,

Mrs. C

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