Dog Loves Staircase Rug Runner!

Large dog ready to descend a flight of steps after a staircase rug runner was installed!

After the installation of a hand-knotted rug runner this dog enthusiastically kept on going up and down the same stairs that he had previously only avoided!

Home improvement for humans and pets!

Staircase runners are a great way to increase the level of safety and comfort for you and for your pets! A handmade wool Oriental rug runner provides functional beauty to any type of wood staircase, not only as a cosmetic enhancement – but the added traction and cushioning as well as the increased visual differentiation on each step are factors that can make a stairway runner well worth the cost.

Case Study:

For medium to large size dogs climbing a flight of wood steps can be a bit of a challenge – and one that many dogs prefer to avoid. Even though they could otherwise negociate practically any stairwell, if necessary, the typical varnished wood steps on most flights of stairs offer no traction – so it is simply a case that their footing is just not very secure (you can almost hear those tapping claws!).

In this case, and when the runner installation was completed, both the dog and his owner were pleasantly surprised!

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