Nejad Gallery’s Oriental Rug in Beautiful Estate New Hope, PA 18938

Well-balanced, stylishly appointed room with Nejad rug as centerpiece

Mohtasham Kashan Hand Knotted Persian Rug from Nejad Signature Museum Collection

Choosing the perfect Oriental rug for this elegant and formal room with its focal point being a classic black grand piano required a carefully selected group of beautiful fine quality rugs, each complementing the formality of the space while adding its own magnificent statement.

Although all of the rugs shown to the client were strikingly beautiful, it was Nejad’s gorgeous Tabriz rug with its rich black center, burgundy border and soft ivory medallion that was unanimously chosen by Mr. Nejad and the family members.

The end result is a lovely, well-balanced, stylishly appointed room with sophistication and unimposing grandeur that we know our client’s family and friends will enjoy for many years.

Happy Rug Shopping!

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