Preventing Damage to Rugs from Furniture Indents

Purchasing an oriental rug is an exciting time in life. Whether it’s to decorate your new home, or to rejuvenate a current room in your home, we spend a substantial amount of time and effort into finding the special rug that not only fits the room, but will also remain in the family for years to come. This makes buying an oriental rug an investment for the future that deserves protecting.

There are ways to preserve your oriental rug for the future, for instance, how to protect this magnificent Peshawar rug [Shown above], that was hand woven in Pakistan, from furniture indents. Peshawar rugs are crafted by expert weavers using natural, vegetable dyes that creates the variation in shades of beige, ivory, and brown, called the abrash technique. This Peshawar rug was given an antique treatment that gives it its naturally beautiful antique look. The indent you see in this rug is from placing furniture on the rug without putting coasters underneath the furniture’s legs. If coasters were used for the furniture legs, this rug would not have experienced these indentations. In addition to providing protection, furniture coasters also allow for a much easier and safer time when moving a piece of furniture on a rug. Using coasters under furniture is one important way that you can maintain your rug’s value for years to come.

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