The Perfect Oriental Runner for Villanova PA Clients

The Perfect Rug Runner - Blue Kerman Lavar wool & silk runner

Fortunately we had in our inventory a gorgeous blue Kerman Lavar wool & silk runner that was very close to the one they had been searching for!

When you know what you want and finally find it after tenaciously searching store after store for a very long time, it really is a wonderful moment. That’s exactly what happened for one thrilled couple from Villanova Pa when they found the perfect Oriental runner for their gorgeous new Main Line home in our Nejad Rugs Doylestown Bucks County showroom.

Maryann had seen a similar runner in a interior design magazine and immediately fell in love with its brilliant blues and intricate artistic design. Donald, her husband, told us that this runner had become a bit of an obsession for his wife and that she refused to settle for anything else, leaving their marble floor hallway bare since they purchased their home over a year ago.

Maryann and Donald had actually come to us because they saw on our website that we design Oriental rugs and were hoping that they could commission us to design and weave a custom runner based on the magazine’s photograph. After visiting “too many rug stores to count” they all but gave up on the
idea of actually finding a similar runner in stock.

Lucky for our couple we had in our inventory a gorgeous blue Kerman Lavar wool & silk runner very close to the one Maryann had been searching for. When our staff pulled the runner out from the pile she was so ecstatic she literally started jumping up and down, repeating over and over that she knew she’d find it. It was a great moment for everyone and we couldn’t be more pleased that we were able to fulfill our customers’ vision of the perfect runner.

Happy Rug Shopping!

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