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October, 2006  >  Vol. 28  >  No. 1  >  Business News
R to L: Theresa & Ali Nejad of Nejad Rugs, ORIA President Andrew Peykar, and Past President of ORIA Mikel Banilevi.

$50,000 Gift

Theresa and Ali Nejad of Nejad Oriental Rugs have given a $50,000 gift to the Oriental Rug Importers Association Charitable Fund. This is the largest single gift ever given to the ORIA Charitable Fund, which is committed to improving the lives of children in rug weaving countries. Money given to the ORIA Charitable Fund, are passed through in their entiretly to to selected organizations.

Initiated during the tenure of ORIA past president Mikel Banilevi, the organization's tax-exempt status allows it to solicit fully tax-deductible contributions from retailers and wholesalers for the purpose of improving the health, welfare, and economic status of needy children and their families in major capet weaving districts around the world.

This $50,000 gift has been earmarked for CARE & FAIR.


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One of the organizations supported by the ORIA Charitable Fund, Care & Fair, provides schooling, healthcare and hospital care for children and families in rug-weaving areas.

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