The Virtual World of the Internet Advertising Often Leads to Real World Customers’ Disappointment & Wasted Time for Oriental Rug Shoppers

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Other Rug Stores VS Nejad Oriental Rugs

When searching online for a reputable Oriental rug importer it often surprises
customers how a store can look so grand and reputable on the internet but when visited in person they find small stores with little inventory or no store at all.

I liken it to online dating with profiles submitted, you know, often having
nothing (or absolutely nothing) to do with reality. The aim is to lure in as
many unsuspecting prospects as possible and hope a fast-talking sales pitch works in place of the true investment needed for a real rug importer.

How often is this scenario repeated? Probably more often than reported! Even though there is Yelp and Google Plus, the internet doesn’t have the ability to “police” every claim made by every merchant to protect every consumer all the time. The popular nostrum Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) is as relevant today as ever!

At Nejad Rugs we pride ourselves on being members of the prestigious Oriental Rug Importers Association, an exclusive group of the largest rug importers in the United States. We also make the huge financial commitment of owning our carefully selected inventory of magnificent new and antique rugs in two expansive Pennsylvania warehouses