Nejad Rugs: A Beautiful Oriental Runner for a Philadelphia Townhouse’s Narrow Staircase

Philadelphia, with its blend of historic charm and modern sophistication, offers
a unique backdrop for interior design. In the heart of this city’s center, a
particular townhouse stands out, thanks to the exquisite addition of a Nejad
Rug’s hand-knotted wool stair runner, featuring a classic Herati design. This
installation not only highlights their unparalleled expertise in working with
challenging staircases, but also showcases the enduring quality of their rugs
and runners.
Beautiful Oriental Runner for Philadelphia Townhouse Narrow Staircase
The Challenge of a Narrow Staircase
Narrow staircases, typical in many Philadelphia townhouses, pose a significant
challenge for a runner installation. The precision required to fit a stair
runner in such a confined space with protruding newel posts cannot be overstated.
Nejad Rugs, with their seasoned expertise, embraced this challenge in their
clients’ beautiful center city townhouse. Their highly skilled and experienced
installer meticulously measured and planned the installation, ensuring a perfect
fit that complements the staircase’s dimensions.
Nejad Provides High Level Staircase Runner Installation Services
The Artistry of Hand-Knotted Wool and Herati Design
The choice of material and design speaks volumes about the homeowner’s
taste and the installer’s finesse. High quality, hand-knotted wool
oriental rugs are world renowned for their durability, often lasting for
generations. Nejad’s Herati Design M011 is a testament to their weaver’s
skill, culminating in a stair runner that is not just a floor covering,
but a piece of art.

The Herati design, with its origins in Persian artistry, adds an element of
timeless elegance and is an especially easy design to incorporate with other
Oriental rugs, fabrics, wall coverings and art. Its intricate pattern and
subtle color variations perfectly enhance the aesthetic appeal of this
townhouse’s interior, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Nejad’s Expert Installation
The installation process of this stair runner was a spectacle of skill and
precision. Nejad’s adept installer, with his in-depth knowledge of textile
behavior and space aesthetics, ensured that every inch of the runner was
perfectly aligned. The challenge of the narrow staircase was met with
innovative techniques that guaranteed a smooth and seamless fit. The final
result was a beautifully laid runner that gracefully cascaded down the stairs,
becoming an integral part of the townhouse’s character.

Durability and Longevity
One of the most remarkable features of Nejad’s stair runners is their
durability. The high-quality wool used in this hand-knotted masterpiece is
known for its resilience. It withstands heavy foot traffic, maintaining its
elegance over many years. This longevity is a crucial factor for homeowners,
as it ensures that their investment continues to enhance their home’s beauty
and comfort for a long time.

Transformative Impact and Client Satisfaction
The transformation brought about by this installation was immediate and
profound. The homeowner’s satisfaction was evident in their appreciation
of the runner’s beauty and the quality of Nejad’s work. The stair runner
did not just meet their expectations – it exceeded them!

Nejad Rugs’ installation in this Philadelphia center city townhouse is a
testament to their extensive long runner inventory and their high level
installation services. The hand-knotted wool stair runner, with its elegant
Herati design, not only beautified a narrow staircase but also promised years
of enduring quality. It stands as a shining example of how the right choice
in home decor can transform a space, melding artistry with practicality. For
those looking to elevate their home interiors, Nejad Rugs offers not just a
product, but a legacy of beauty and durability.