Girls Group Learns About the Art of Rug Weaving at Nejad Oriental Rugs in Bucks County PA

Girls riding carpet!

Adventuresome Young Ladies Get Set to Test Drive a Carpet from the Nejad Showroom

A girls youth group, recently sightseeing in Doylestown, payed an impromptu
visit to the Nejad Rugs showroom at 1 North Main Street. In their tour of
the premesis the young ladies became very excited and happy to see so many
gorgeous, colorful rugs in a splendid array of different colors and design
styles. No, they didn’t get to ride a magic carpet, but they did have the
opportunity to learn the basics of how handmade rugs are woven, and how the
materials and techniques used in the process of rugmaking have remained
consistent over the centuries of textile history – a time-honored traditional
art form passed down from generation to generation. While some of the girls
were more impressed by the idea of the level of skill and discipline involved
in the actual weaving of the rugs, everyone, it seemed, equally enjoyed the
end products of all that labor!