Doylestown Oriental Rug Store Plans Expansion – Nejad Rug Annex

Nejad Rugs in Doylestown expands its showroom to  
historic Greek revival building at 21 N. Main Street
Doylestown PA Bucks County Herald

Nejad Gallery Fine Oriental Rugs in Doylestown is
expanding its showroom space to include the historic
Greek revival building two stores down at 21 N. Main
St. The building will showcase the gallery’s inventory
of handmade hall and staircase runners and hard-to-find
shapes and sizes,
including rounds, squares and runners.

Theresa Nejad and her design team have been creating rug
collections for many years and selling the designs to
high-end retailers across the country and internationally.
The additional space will provide room to showcase these
rugs in addition to many one-of-a-kind and antique rugs.

Visit Nejad’s Rug Showrooms at 1 North Main Street and 21 North Main Street in Doylestown, PA

Nejad's Rug Showrooms at 1 North Main Street and 
21 North Main Street in Doylestown, PA
Nejad offers a huge inventory of thousands of new and antique
rugs, including runners, rounds, squares, kilims, needlepoint,
tapestry and mansion size rugs 14′ x 24′ and larger. Don’t miss
our current DECORATIVE RUG LIQUIDATION SALE to save up to 85%
OFF select rugs (Call 215-348-1255 to arrange time).

Take a mini-virtual tour (preview) of our Doylestown showroom
at 1 North Main Street featuring an entire 2nd floor dedicated
to an extraordinary collection of antique Persian, Caucasian
and Chinese rugs.
Take a mini-virtual tour (preview) of our Doylestown showroom
Browse Nejad’s selection of exquisite carpets from Persia, India,
Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and China – including popular styles
such as Tabriz, Heriz, Bakhtiari, Kashan, Mahal, Serapi, Sivas,
Sarouk, Mashhad, Kazak, Arts & Crafts, Aubusson, Savonnerie and
many more.
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Nejad Doylestown, PA Clients’ Testimonial – Antique Persian Rugs

Nejad Doylestown, PA Clients' Testimonial - Antique Persian Rugs
Dining room: 8′ x 11′ Antique Persian Heriz unique all-over design circa 1920’s –
mint condition; Living room: Antique Persian Bakhtiari panel rug garden 4-season
design Circa 1920’s.

“Attached are two pictures… one of the new Persian rug we just purchased
and are very happy with in our dining room, and a smaller rug we purchased
years ago from you. We love them both very much and thank you for offering
such fine rugs in Doylestown.”

Rick and Lynne – Doylestown, PA

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Nejad Proudly Supports Dementia Society of America with $1,200.00 Donation

Nejad Donates $1,200 to Dementia Society of America
Nejad Oriental Rugs proudly supports the Dementia Society of America with a donation of $1,200.00. The Dementia Society of America is a grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity with their main office located in Doylestown Bucks County PA. They are an all-volunteer organization providing hope through education about Dementia and helping people who live with Dementia continue to live meaningful lives as well as supporting their care partners.

Behind heart disease and stroke, Dementia is thought to be the 3rdleading cause of death in high-income countries. Approximately 9 million Americans live with some form of Dementia today with Alzheimer’s representing more than half of these cases.

Dementia Society of America
114 N Main St Doylestown PA 18901


Ali and Theresa Nejad
Bucks County Town & Country Living


Exquisite rugs, designed in Bucks County and woven
in remote corners of the earth, can both beautify
rooms and make good investments.

Nejad Gallery in Doylestown is known for its investment
quality Oriental rugs. This interesting shop filled
with hundreds of heirloom rugs is only a small part
of A. R. Nejad, Inc., Manufacturers & Importers of
Handmade Oriental Rugs. Owner, Ali Nejad, who loves
to talk about his business said, “We are emerging
as a major player in the national market. Our designs
and the quality and quantity of what we do are having
a real impact.”

It’s no wonder that this business would become a
national distributor of fine rugs. Born into a
family tradition of fine carpentry, Ali Nejad,
understands the international rug market from
the vantage of generational knowledge. His wife,
Theresa, who was drafted into the business,
brought some generational knowledge with her
in that her grandmother was a collector of
fine Persian rugs.

Another quality that Theresa Nejad possesses
is the ability to design rugs, often using
flowers from Bucks County gardens. Nejad now
has a hooked rug collection, designed by
Theresa, called the Bucks County Collection.
Her background in cosmetics and her appreciation
for color make her the perfect person to pick
colors that will fill the geometric designs of
classical Persian rugs.

Classical Persian rugs are made to scale according
to the size of the field. So, a small Persian rug
isn’t a piece of a larger one. The geometric and
floral designs that appear on a small rug appear
smaller than they would on a bigger rug. This is
where the consummate skill of the weaver comes
into play.

Although rugs are designed by Theresa Nejad,
they are made by weavers. In remote villages
half way around the world, skilled artisans
are weaving Oriental rugs in classical Persian
designs. These rug makers must dye the yarn by
hand, using dyes that they mix themselves.

Weavers use wooden looms to make the rug’s
foundation. The weaving is done by hand.
Making Oriental rugs is a meticulous operation
that can take several months to over a year to
complete. A Persian rug can have 300 or more hand
tied knots per square inch of material. It is a
skill that has no counterpart in the United States.

The intricacy, workmanship and beauty of an
Oriental rug are what make it so valuable.
Their ability to both add color and to bring the
disparate colors of a room together is well known
by designers. The truth is, that such rugs are in
themselves a work of high art. So, they act to unify
the decor and they are by themselves on display.

Ali Nejad maintains that a fine rug is worth much
more than its ability to enhance the beauty of a
room. “These rugs,” Nejad said, “are investments.”

The reason they are investments, according to Nejad,
is the simple fact that they appreciate in value over
time. “Antique rugs are much more expensive than new
rugs,” Nejad explained. “The longer you keep a rug
the more it is worth. The older a fine rug gets the
more valuable it becomes.”

Investing in rugs, of course, is like investing in
art. While the piece of art is yours, you can enjoy
it. It enhances life and creates beauty. The handmade
rugs that are made by skilled artisans in the Orient
are beautiful. They add value to life by their
presence and it’s nice to know that when and if
they are sold, they may repay their owner more
than the original investment.

A.R. Nejad is a leading designer and manufacturer of handmade

Nejad Rugs Website

Magic Carpets are ‘Down to Earth’ in Doylestown

Theresa and Ali Nejad of Nejad Gallery Oriental Rugs
Magic Carpets are ‘Down to Earth’ in Doylestown
Theresa and Ali Nejad of Nejad Gallery Oriental Rugs

by Lorraine Weller – the Doylestown Patriot

Sitting in a chair covered in small red oriental rugs,
I notice the desk facing me is also covered in small
oriental rugs – these ones green and under glass.
Just one step away is a showroom full of exquisite
carpets from India, Pakistan, Persia, Turkey,
Afghanistan and China. It is a cozy place to sit
and talk with Ali and Theresa Nejad of the Nejad
Gallery in Doylestown.

The Nejads are a striking couple, she is a young
American woman from Pennsylvania with beautiful
long blond hair, he is a young man from Tehran
with black curly hair and snapping dark eyes.
Both are warm in spirit. They smile a lot – not
only at each other, but at their customers as

In the midst of the phone ringing, fax machine
jangling, and customers coming into the gallery,
they seemed completely at ease in their business
world and with each other.

This 13-member family business has galleries in
Germany, Iran and the United States. Ali is in
charge of the retails stores and their expansion
in the entire U.S.A. He has opened four stores:
Doylestown, Highland Field and Princeton N.J and
Whitehall, PA.

Their gallery on Main and State Streets in Doylestown
was their first retail store and dear to their hearts.
As Ali says “we are very fond of the Doylestown People
– they hold a very special place – they were so
receptive and supportive of us from the beginning.”

After graduating from college, Theresa worked as
a color coordinator for a cosmetic firm. She is
now enrolled at Temple University on the MBA program.

Ali received his early education in Tehran and then
came to Michigan State University for his college
years. He then stayed on in the United States,
coming to live with a brother who was already
residing in Doylestown.

Mutual friends had a party and invited both Ali
and Theresa. That first meeting led to a courtship
and then marriage.

As for coming into the business as both a family
member and an employee, Theresa feels she had a
tremendous advantage by beginning her job part-time.
By the time she came aboard full-time, she and Ali
had discovered each other’s strengths and preferences
in the business and knew what they each could do and
wanted to do. Now they both wear many hats and still
know what the other is doing. On top of that, other
family members became used to her being in their

Asked how a couple is able to survive 23-hours-a-day,
Theresa gives a mischievous grin and says “maybe we
have an advantage – Ali has to be at the other stores
several days a week and on those days we only see each
other at night.”

They are members of the chamber of commerce in each
city where they have a store and try to be supportive
of the each community as possible.

Locally, they are members of the Central Bucks
Chamber of Commerce and the Doylestown Business

Ali gives one-hour lectures at schools, taking
along a loom, a weaver, and a sample of an oriental
rug. He feels young people should know what goes in
to producing a lasting thing of beauty.

For relaxation, Ali is a gourmet cook. Theresa
says he is so good, they don’t have to have a
party to show off his cooking, people just call
up and invite themselves over for dinner.

As importers, Ali and Theresa recently enjoyed
a trip to China and in the fall will be jetting
off again – this time to Iran on business.

Nejad Rugs Website

Mansion Size 12′ x 18′ Bakhtiari Rug in New Hope Bucks County PA

Mansion size Persian Bakhtiari rug by Nejad in New Hope banquet room
This regal looking rug style – rich in both detail and history – certainly
elevates the ambience of the ample New Hope dining space for which it seems
tailor-made. Nejad Rugs fine hand knotted large mansion size 12′ x 18′ four
season Persian Bakhtiari rug, expertly woven in semi-worsted New Zealand hand
spun wool, has the perfect warm colors that look rich and inviting in clients’
beautiful banquet sized dining room in historic New Hope, Bucks County, PA.

Visit the Nejad Rugs showroom at 1 North Main Street in the heart of historic
Doylestown and browse an amazing selection of new and antique rugs in a spacious
and relaxed atmosphere. Or visit our warehouse in Quakertown PA for enormous
selection and savings – call Nejad at 215-348-1255.

Nejad provides complete sales and service of Oriental Rugs for New Hope, Newtown,
Langhorne, PA and all of Bucks County and is currently offering huge savings on its
extensive inventory of rugs and runners. For product detail about Nejad’s Khesti
Bakhtiari rug #M010MTRT or for info about the history of this rug
follow the links below:

About this Bakhtiari rug from Nejad including available sizes including squares and runners

Learn more about Bakhtiari rugs and their unique origins

About the people who make these beautiful rugs

Girls Group Learns About the Art of Rug Weaving at Nejad Oriental Rugs in Bucks County PA

Girls riding carpet!

Adventuresome Young Ladies Get Set to Test Drive a Carpet from the Nejad Showroom

A girls youth group, recently sightseeing in Doylestown, payed an impromptu
visit to the Nejad Rugs showroom at 1 North Main Street. In their tour of
the premesis the young ladies became very excited and happy to see so many
gorgeous, colorful rugs in a splendid array of different colors and design
styles. No, they didn’t get to ride a magic carpet, but they did have the
opportunity to learn the basics of how handmade rugs are woven, and how the
materials and techniques used in the process of rugmaking have remained
consistent over the centuries of textile history – a time-honored traditional
art form passed down from generation to generation. While some of the girls
were more impressed by the idea of the level of skill and discipline involved
in the actual weaving of the rugs, everyone, it seemed, equally enjoyed the
end products of all that labor!

Nejad Rugs Sponsors Fundraiser Event to Benefit Native Americans

Ali & Theresa Nejad

ANA Event sponsors Theresa & Ali Nejad of Nejad Rugs, Doylestown, PA

The 2015 ANA Americans for Native Americans Garden Party and fundraiser, sponsored by Ali & Theresa Nejad of Nejad Rugs, Doylestown, was held on August 22nd in nearby Furlong, PA.

This charitable event successfully raised funds to promote and help support programs that provide scholarships for Native American nursing students in partnership with Doylestown Hospital, a Back Pack program that features nutritious weekend meals for Native American students as well as veterinary assistance to select areas of the American southwest.

Bucks County Herald featured article for ANA Party
For more information please visit the website

Satisfied Customers Equals Repeat Business

Nejad Hunt Tabriz rug (pictured) in New Hope PA living room

Nejad Persian Hunt Tabriz rug in vivid navy blue occupies this not yet fully furnished New Hope PA living room.

When a business offers a product that is unique yet desirable, plus aesthetically appealing yet practical,  plus has investment value and enhances quality of life,
plus that business offers services to maintain that product for as long as it is owned –
that all adds up to repeat business.

Case in point: a New Hope PA client who recently purchased this hand-knotted wool genuine Persian Hunt Tabriz rug from Nejad is the same client who had purchased rugs from our Doylestown showroom, located at 1 North Main Street, on at least a few occasions in the past, prior to having made  this most-recent purchase. Thanks to all our customers for their continued loyalty!