Designing with Positive Intentions

When I start the process of designing a new rug I begin by taking the time
to bring myself to an open and creative inner state of being with joyful
emotions. Only after I reach the place I want to be, I begin working with
a visual from an actual photograph of a room setting or envisioning one
from my imagination, picturing the space filled with an abundance of
love, happiness and peace. This is my spiritual starting place from
which I begin designing the rug, a physical item, which will one day
be in someone’s home or office. I want the energy I bring to its
creation to be nothing but positive.

In our Doylestown gallery, we try to bring that same philosophy to the
shopping experience. Customers visit our store with the purpose of
purchasing a beautiful oriental rug, at the best possible price,
hoping that it will give their family many years of enjoyment and
pride. I want their time spent with us to be to fun, interesting
and gratifying – whether they purchase a rug or not.

Unfortunately there are times we encounter customers who have first
shopped elsewhere and come to us in an agitated tense and defensive
state. This is almost always because they were exposed to the sales
tactic of aggressively disparaging all competitors with negativity,
misinformation and sometimes outright lies. Regrettably this damaging
sales approach is designed to change the clients thinking into a
distrusting and almost combative state in which everyone loses,
most of all – the customer.

It would be great to have every customer that visits us find the perfect
rug to buy every time, but realistically that doesn’t happen and it is
ok by me. What is more important to me is that I know we have taken
decades of caring and experience to design and accumulate an incredible
inventory of beautiful high quality handmade rugs to offer our customers
and what I want is to try my best to make the time spent with us the
most positive I can whether a sale is made or not.

Life is simply too short to do otherwise.

This Blog is In Loving Memory of My Mom.