Oriental Rugs Furlong PA 18925 Nejad Gallery Client

A very dear client of mine who has purchased many rugs from me over  the years stopped by Doylestown this week to congratulate everyone on Nejad Gallery’s 30th Anniversary.  Her magnificent home in Furlong, PA was professionally decorated by a dear friend of mine and is one of the most beautifully finished homes in Bucks County.  Every room is perfectly appointed with antique furniture intermixed with hand selected quality pieces purchased during trips to New York and High Point, North Carolina trade showrooms.  Every floor, hallway, staircase and vestibule is covered with exquisite investment quality Persian Tabriz, Esfahan and Nain rugs that I sold to her over the years. Careful coordination of fabrics, wall coverings and paint colors make each room a spectacular living space.

As we reminisced, we both became nostalgic remembering the elaborate preparations for her daughter’s wedding and working with one very flamboyant party planner for a special dinner party fund raiser. Sitting on a pile of rugs, we talked for a long while until she got up, gave me a big hug and said how much she appreciated all my hard work and how beautiful our rugs have made her home, wishing us another successful 30 years in business.  I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful compliment!

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