Down Sizing & Oriental Rugs

What to do with too large or too many oriental rugs when downsizing to a smaller residence can be a bit of a decorating dilemma.

Recently I have been working with clients in Philadelphia, New York, and Princeton, NJ, all of whom have beautiful sizable oriental rugs and are moving from large single family homes into smaller retirement communities.  The decision as to what to take, give to family members, sell or donate can be very challenging. 

My first task is to identify the oriental rugs the client absolutely loves and prefers not to part with.  If at all possible I will incorporate these rugs into the new home as floor coverings, wall art or even bed covers (if the weight and texture permits).  If we cannot place a rug, I will recommend trading it in for a similar rug from the same country of origin with similar design and colors but in the appropriate smaller size. If I do not have a particular rug, being a member of the exclusive Oriental Rug Importers Association allows me access to enormous inventories across the country and overseas. Over the many years, I was able to find many clients the perfect Oriental rug.

Even treasured rugs that may seem too worn or damaged can be easily repurposed into ottoman covers, pillows or even framed wall art.  For one client from New Hope, Pa, I cut and hand binded a beautiful old but damaged Persian Ghasghie kilim into a stunning one of a kind long table runner.  For another client in Newtown, Pa I used the borders of a damaged antique Persian Kashan rug as trim for gorgeous drapery panels.  I find many of my clients get great satisfaction and enjoyment from innovating new uses for what they may have otherwise thrown away.

As for the rugs that are not favorites or cannot be placed, I encourage clients to trade in these rugs towards an Oriental rug in the finest quality afforded and make this piece a very special addition to their new home and new life.

Happy Rug Shopping!