Bold Patterns are Best Left for Oriental Rugs

Designing a room can very easily go wrong when the investment in an expensively upholstered sofa with a strong fabric pattern derails all other design choices. This is a scenario I have encountered too many times too count. 

What originally looked great in a fabric book or on the furniture store’s display sofa can become a nightmare when trying to choose a complimentary Oriental Rug.  The odd color in a chintz or the bold design in a large floral pattern can significantly limit your choices for a suitable rug without incurring the costs of a custom made rug.

As a rule of thumb, I advise clients whenever possible to first purchase their Oriental Rug and then use the colors of the rug as a guide for their fabric selections for furniture, window treatments and wall coverings.  My professional preference is to use fabrics on large furniture pieces that have wonderful texture but are monochromatic or simple tone on tone designs.  Rich chenilles, damasks, velvets, mohair, leathers and suedes are my choices for sofas and sectionals.

A plain neutral sofa, a gorgeous Oriental Rug and complementary “pops” of design and color from upholstered side chairs and ottomans and accessories such as throws, pillows, table cloths, valances and art work make a well designed room.

Happy Rug Shopping!