Undetectable Expert Repair of Flat Woven Kilim Rug for Clients in Doylestown Bucks County PA

Moth-damaged semi-antique rug

Photo showing moth damage and missing pieces of of a section of this beautiful flat woven semi-antique kilim rug.

Semi antique Kilim rug after repair

Photo showing detail of expertly repaired area which has included the reweaving of missing areas of both the rug and fringe.

Full view of rug with undetectable repair by Nejad.

Expert repair! The restoration process has included exact matching of both the rug's color and design pattern as well as the weave pattern and knot density.

One of the most difficult textile repairs is the reweaving of
missing areas of a flat woven kilim rug. Because a kilim rug
doesn’t have a pile, the color and weave is extremely apparent and any repair that has even the slightest difference in dyes or weave technique will be very obvious to the eye. It takes a great deal of experience and skill to repair kilims to a high level of restoration.

A client from Doylestown Bucks County PA had a beautiful semi-antique kilim rug in storage and found significant areas completely missing due to moth damage. The clients brought their treasured kilim to Nejad Rugs for the repair work. Our knowledgeable artisans were able to dye the exact wool colors perfectly matching the rug and expertly reweave the missing pieces making it virtually impossible to find the original damaged areas.

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