Restoration & Repair of 40 Smoke-Damaged Oriental Rugs

smoke damaged oriental rug

An Oriental rug that has sustained smoke and soot damage caused by fire

Nejad Rugs has been contracted by a prominent Bucks County PA businessman to wash and repair 40 smoke damaged Oriental Rugs. The client, working with his insurance company, trusts Nejad Rugs’ 31 years of experience to expertly service his rugs.

In the handling of such a formidable job, remediation of both visible soot as well as the various types of odors
from smoke damage due to fire requires the application of careful, stepwise methods using proven techniques – but most importantly the judgement and experience of a qualified Oriental rug expert. The restoration process for
each damaged textile can vary depending upon the extent and type of damage.

It is important not to attempt to wash or deoderize a smoke-damaged rug as the first course of action. Deoderizing will only mask the odor (wood fires, plastic fires, other synthetics odors) and will be effective –
if at all – for a short time only. Washing, as the first course of action, is also ill-advised as that would only result in spreading soot both into the rug pile as well as smudging the surface.

house fire with heavy smoke

Fire-related soot and smoke damage to oriental rugs may be repairable. Contact a professional fire restorer and rug restoration service for an expert appraisal.

Money, time and your rugs can best be saved by contacting a professional fire restorer and rug restoration service as soon as possible after any damage has been incurred – this information usually available through your home insurance agent. If you need immediate assistance or have any questions please call Nejad Rugs in Doylestown at 215-348-1255.

12 Month Restoration Project Undertaken on One-of-a-Kind Antique Kurdish Rug

Before : After Repair

Comparison: Kurdish Azerbajan rug sbefore and after the restoration process

A Bucks County family’s cherished heirloom, a large Kurdish Azerbaijan Rug c. 1890, which had undergone extensive wear, especially to the center of the rug, where even the pile itself had been worn down to the very foundational threads, has been completely restored – or should we say “virtually recreated” – by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown PA.

Threadbare center section of rug before repair by Nejad

Extensive wear is notable in center of rug – the pile worn down to warp and weft

Essentially the damaged areas of the rug were rebuilt from the ground up (literally) which means, for all practical purposes, that before any reweaving of the pile could actually commence, the once intact 100 year + threadbare textile would need to undergo a careful reinforcing of the warp and weft threads.

And, that, not before finding the correct quality and texture of woolen yarn, achieving an exact color match in the wool-dying process and, then, matching the artwork itself, and with the same knot density – each and every knot carefully tied off at the same angle of the original weave so as not to create any shading differences on the surface of the pile.
Finally, after months of reweaving, the rug was ready for – yes, one more step – the finishing process of shearing the newly rewoven pile to match the pile height of the rest of the rug.

The masterfully completed rug restoration project

A large Antique Kurdish Azerbajan Rug c. 1890 after complete restoration by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown

The expertly restored rug was then examined for the last time by Mr. Ali Nejad and deemed ready to present to the client, who, after careful inspection of the repairs stated that “it was almost impossible to tell where the new pile had been rewoven!”

Nejad has been the Philadelphia area’s premier company for professional Oriental Rug hand washing and expert repairs for over 30 years.

For more information visit: Nejad Rugs Restoration & Repair or call 215-348-1255.



Oriental Rug Fringe Repair: Before – After

Before and After images of fringe replacement on Oriental rug

Before & After: Nejad’s expert fringe replacement – or re-fringing – of this handmade Oriental carpet – has substantially improved this rug’s appearance.

A Bucks County client brought into Nejad Rugs in Doylestown, PA a hand knotted Pakistani-made Persian Design Oriental Rug in need of fringe repair

Detail view of rug fringe replacement by Nejad Rugs

This expertly hand-knotted fringe – newly replaced by Nejad – is woven into the fabric of the rug.

Nejad’s expert fringe repair service – which included complete replacement of the fringes on both sides of the carpet – has breathed new life into our client’s rug.


Oriental Rugs Insurance Claims in Bucks County PA

water-damaged antique oriental carpet (pictured)

Nejad has been contracted by a national insurance company to salvage this water-damaged valuable antique carpet (pictured)

Nejad Rugs, designers, manufacturers and importers of fine handmade rugs in Doylestown – near Philadelphia, Princeton and Lehigh Valley –  has been contracted by a national insurance company to salvage this flood-damaged valuable antique carpet.

a water-damaged antique oriental carpet after restoration

Nejad’s water-damaged rugs remediation service has restored this valuable antique carpet to its former excellent condition.

This storm-submerged Oriental rug, submitted as an insurance claim in Bucks County PA, has undergone water-damage remediation and restoration treatment performed by Nejad. The Bucks County rug dealership, who has provided expert rug wash and rug repair services in the tri-state area for over 30 years, was selected as the company of choice to restore this insured antique Chinese Peking heirloom carpet (before-after treatment images included). Nejad Rugs customer testimonials / 215-348-1255

Undetectable Expert Repair of Flat Woven Kilim Rug for Clients in Doylestown Bucks County PA

Moth-damaged semi-antique rug

Photo showing moth damage and missing pieces of of a section of this beautiful flat woven semi-antique kilim rug.

Semi antique Kilim rug after repair

Photo showing detail of expertly repaired area which has included the reweaving of missing areas of both the rug and fringe.

Full view of rug with undetectable repair by Nejad.

Expert repair! The restoration process has included exact matching of both the rug's color and design pattern as well as the weave pattern and knot density.

One of the most difficult textile repairs is the reweaving of
missing areas of a flat woven kilim rug. Because a kilim rug
doesn’t have a pile, the color and weave is extremely apparent and any repair that has even the slightest difference in dyes or weave technique will be very obvious to the eye. It takes a great deal of experience and skill to repair kilims to a high level of restoration.

A client from Doylestown Bucks County PA had a beautiful semi-antique kilim rug in storage and found significant areas completely missing due to moth damage. The clients brought their treasured kilim to Nejad Rugs for the repair work. Our knowledgeable artisans were able to dye the exact wool colors perfectly matching the rug and expertly reweave the missing pieces making it virtually impossible to find the original damaged areas.

Nejad Rugs has been the Tri-State area’s most trusted Oriental Rug Wash and Repair Company for over thirty years.

Please call 215-348-1255 for all your Oriental Rug service needs.

Storm Damaged Rugs in Huntingdon Valley PA appraised by Oriental rug expert Ali Nejad

Mr. Ali Nejad from Nejad Fine Oriental Rugs in Doylestown Bucks County PA is one of the most trusted handmade rug experts to whom both clients and insurance companies turn for professional appraisal services. After a severe storm caused major damage in Upper and Lower Moreland Townships, and especially in Bryn Athyn Huntingdon Valley PA, Mr. Nejad was called by home owners to appraise seventeen valuable Oriental rugs for insurance claim purposes. Nejad Rugs was also later used for their oriental rug cleaning and repair services.

For Over 30 Years Nejad Rugs has been Serving the Tri-State Area including Philadelpha, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Lehigh County and Mercer County in New Jersey.


Philadelphia Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair

A Rittenhouse Square couple recently brought to our Nejad Gallery showroom in Doylestown Bucks County a magnificent Persian Oriental Rug purchased for their Philadelphia residence many years ago.  Unfortunately the rug had been placed partially under furniture and when new furniture was delivered, the client made the unpleasant discovery that their prized antique Persian Serapi had a great deal of moth damage.

Because Nejad Gallery had come highly recommended by friends, the couple would not trust their valuable Oriental rug to any other rug wash and repair company.  The cleaning and reweaving of the damaged areas took over six weeks and the clients were absolutely ecstatic with the expert repair work.  After careful inspection they were actually unable to detect the original pile from the repaired areas.  Their relief of having their beautiful rug restored and tremendous gratitude to our company is really
what makes our business so satisfying.

Happy Rug Shopping!

Oriental Rug Fringe Repair by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown, PA

Before and after photos of damaged fringe on oriental rug runner

Need Expert repair of an oriental rug? Call Nejad today at 215-348-1255

(Before and after photos of damaged and repaired fringe on oriental rug runner).

Oriental Rug Fringe Repair by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown PA. Nejad offers expert repair and restoration as well as chemical-free machine-free hand washing of fine Oriental and antique Oriental area rugs – No 3rd-party contractors are ever used.

Need expert repair of an Oriental rug? Call Nejad at 215-348-1255