From Emerald to Teal to Sage: These are the Gorgeous Green Colors Trending in Interior Design

Very Fine One of a Kind Pakistan Sarough Rug in Family Room
In the ever-evolving world of interior design, this year, a particularly striking trend has
emerged, bringing with it a fresh, vibrant palette that revitalizes and transforms interiors:
the rise of gorgeous greens. From rich emerald, to deep teal green or soothing soft
sage tones, green is making a bold statement in homes across the globe. At the
forefront of this movement is Nejad Rugs, boasting an enormous selection of quality
oriental and modern design rugs that perfectly capture this color revolution.
Very Fine One of a Kind Pakistan Sarough Rug in Family Room
The color green, often associated with nature, has a profound positive effect
on our mood and well-being when it’s the main color in a room. Its presence in
our surroundings can evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation, reducing stress
and anxiety, promoting a positive, tranquil atmosphere, Green symbolizes growth,
harmony, and renewal, subtly encouraging a sense of balance and stability in our
Very Fine One of a Kind Pakistan Sarough Rug in Family Room

Green, with its myriad of shades and tones, offers an unparalleled versatility
that can complement any design style, from the modern and minimalist to the
classic and opulent. Nejad Rugs, a renowned name in the realm of high-quality
handmade rugs, has embraced this trend wholeheartedly, presenting an array of
rugs in the new, rich deep teal green and soft sage green tones that are setting
the interior design world abuzz.
Very Fine One of a Kind Pakistan Sarough Rug in Family Room

A Perfect Harmony of Green Tones in a Family Room

Take, for example, a client’s family home in Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940, which
features Nejad’s gorgeous one of a kind, very fine Pakistan Kashan rug in deep
teal green. This exquisite piece not only adds a splash of vibrant color but also
harmonizes perfectly with the wall color, allowing the lighter furniture fabrics
and room appointments to stand out in stunning contrast. The result is a living
space that feels both cohesive and dynamically alive, a testament to the power
of carefully chosen color and design elements working in tandem.
Timeless Elegance in Dining Rooms Featuring Green Oriental Rugs

Timeless Elegance in Dining Rooms Featuring Green Oriental Rugs

Moving from the living room to the dining area, the transformative power of green
continues to impress. These two beautiful dining rooms showcase high quality hand-
knotted Nejad oriental rugs in timeless deep greens. Paired with classic wood dining
room furniture, these rugs create elegant and inviting rooms that invite diners to
linger over meals and conversations.
Beautiful Kitchens with Green Cabinets

Beautiful Kitchens with Green Cabinets & Rugs

The influence of green extends beyond traditional spaces into the heart of the
modern home: the kitchen. A high-end designer kitchen, boasting deep green
cabinets, is beautifully completed with Nejad’s geometric Heriz design rug M003
EMIY. This piece is not just a visual showstopper; it embodies the highest quality
of wool and weave, making it both a functional and decorative element. The rug’s
darker green field complements the cabinetry, proving that even in the most
utilitarian spaces, color and design can play a pivotal role in creating an
atmosphere that is both stylish and welcoming.
Soft Sage Greens Create the Perfect Relaxed Restful Bedrooms

Soft Sage Greens Create the Perfect Relaxed Restful Bedrooms

The bedroom is another space that stands out as ideal to infuse with calming hues.
Below is a client’s bedroom in Princeton, New Jersey, exemplifies this beautifully,
with designers selecting Nejad’s Mahal design rug in a serene gray sage green. This
choice perfectly complements the daybed, adorned in harmonious fabrics, enhancing
the room’s luxury and comfort. The sage green tones create a soft, soothing
atmosphere, ideal for a restful retreat.
Green Tones Are A Perfect Choice for Stair Runners

Green Tones Are A Perfect Choice for Stair Runners

One of the best ways to incorporate green into your décor is in the foyer and along
the staircase, which introduces a harmonious element to your home. Utilizing Nejad’s
long stair runners, which offer a spectrum of greens from deep emerald to soft sage,
can transform this important transition area into a cohesive and inviting entryway.
Whether installed on curved or straight staircases, these runners not only enhance
the aesthetic appeal but also seamlessly connect adjoining rooms. The choice of green
tones brings a sense of harmony and continuity, making the transition between spaces
feels more natural and fluid. This approach elevates the overall ambiance of the home,
creating a welcoming and interconnected environment.
Discover Your Perfect Rug

Discover Your Perfect Rug

For those inspired to incorporate this gorgeous green trend into their own homes,
a visit to Nejad’s showroom in historic Bucks County is a must. Here, amidst the
quaint charm and history of the area, lies a treasure trove of rugs that embody the
latest in color and design trends. Whether you’re drawn to the opulence of oriental
designs or the clean lines of modern aesthetics, Nejad Rugs offers a selection vast
enough to ensure you find the perfect rug to bring your interior design visions to
Discover Your Perfect Rug
In embracing the beautiful variety of greens, from the deepest teals to the most
delicate sages, Nejad Rugs not only sets the trend but also offers a timeless approach
to interior design that will endure long beyond the fleeting trends of the season.
Visit Nejad’s showroom today and discover how the right rug can transform your space,
bringing color, warmth, and style into your home in ways you never imagined
Heriz M003GNIY in Family Room