Tapestry Repair and Addition of Mounting Sleeve by Nejad

Hand-Woven Tapestry

This illustrious tapestry came to Nejad from a client that was in search of professional repair services. The tapestry had a hole through the bottom right area of the piece, about 2-3″ inches in size. After careful analysis by the experts at Nejad, the design was re-created and the tapestry’s hole was restored to a very close original.

Tapestry Repair (Detail)

Our client had also asked for Nejad to add a wall hanging rod sleeve to the piece so she could enjoy the comfort of the newly-repaired, picturesque tapestry in the warmth of her home.

Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal

Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal

Tufenkian made-in-Nepal rug - Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal by Nejad

This handmade-in-Nepal Tufenkian transitional-modern rug with antique ivory field and black border was brought in to Nejad Rugs in Doylestown PA for Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal. The rug was hand-washed and all odors removed and all stains cleaned by Nejad expert stain-removal technicians. The rug was restored to its original condition and returned to client residence in Langhorne Bucks County PA 18925.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs with Pet Stains

Oriental Rugs are beautiful works of art for your home and family providing many years of enjoyment and pride. In addition, Oriental Rugs often represent sound investments that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

However, if you own Oriental Rugs and have a cat or dog, you most likely have experienced at one time or another the “Oh No” pet stain accident. As bad as the initial discovery is, don’t worry because Nejad Gallery’s expert Oriental Rug cleaning staff in Doylestown, Bucks County has developed the most successful eight step process for removing both stains and odor. Our thirty years of experience working with various wool and silk from around the world in our rug production has lead to our breakthroughs in rug cleaning solutions and techniques.  Even Oriental Rugs with older stains can be treated with great results.

Once pet stains are found, it is very important to get your Oriental Rugs to us as soon as possible.  Call 215-348-1255 and drop your rugs off in our Doylestown, PA location or have our drivers pick up your rugs and deliver them cleaned back to you.

Most importantly, don’t panic and don’t try to treat the stains yourself.  Over the counter carpet cleaners and homemade remedies can make our solutions less effective or even damage the wool pile or cause color runs.

What you can do is blot up as much of the urine as possible with thick absorbent paper towels and keep the wet area elevated from the floor to promote air circulation. Once the rug is removed from your home you should carefully disinfect the flooring to remove any trace scents that may encourage your pet to have a repeat accident. At this time you may also want to check your padding to see it needs replacing.

Our Oriental Rug Hand Wash and Pet Stain Treatment usually takes seven to ten days.  As designers and manufacturers of fine handmade Oriental Rugs we have a great respect, understanding and appreciation for the work involved in creating your rug and we make every effort to restore your rug to its best possible and most beautiful condition.