Haji Jalili Persian Rugs, One of the Most Sought After By Interior Designers & Rug Collectors

Haj Jalili Rug
Rare Antique Exquisitly detailed Haji Jalili Rug offered exclusively by Nejad Rugs

The world of Persian rugs is rich with history and artistry, with certain
names echoing as symbols of unparalleled craftsmanship and cultural
heritage. Among these esteemed names is Haji Jalili, renowned for creating
some of the most exquisite carpets from the Tabriz region in Iran. These
rugs are not only masterpieces of weaving but are also considered
significant investments, cherished by collectors and designers around the

The Historical Roots of Haji Jalili Rugs

Haj Jalili Rug
Antique Persian Tabriz Haji Jalili c. 1880 – 9′ 4″ x 12′ 5″ Offered by Nejad Rugs

Haji Jalili is best known for his innovative approach in the late 19th
century, particularly in the city of Tabriz, located in Northwest Iran.
This region, with its deep-rooted history in carpet weaving, provided a
fertile ground for Jalili’s creative genius. He was a master weaver and
designer who introduced sophisticated designs and a softer palette than
was traditionally used in Persian rugs. His contributions have left a
lasting impact, making Haji Jalili rugs some of the most sought-after
antiques in the market today.

Craftsmanship and Design Elements

Haj Jalili Rug
Nejad #988072 Antique genuine Persian Haj Jalili Rug c. 1850 – 7′ 3″ x 10′

What sets Haji Jalili rugs apart are their intricate designs and the
quality of materials used. Typically, these rugs feature a dense weave,
often with a knot density that allows for intricate detailing in design.
The wool used is usually of high quality, with a lustrous finish that
enhances the depth of color. The designs are often floral, with a central
medallion and a series of borders containing elaborate motifs that speak
to the natural beauty of the Persian landscape.

Haj Jalili Rug
A fine antique Haji Jalili Tabriz carpet approx. 15ft. 4in. x 10ft. 11in. | Christie’s

The color palette in Haji Jalili rugs is particularly notable for its
subtlety and range, including earth tones, soft pastels, and muted
indigos. These colors are achieved through natural dyes, which contribute
to the rug’s overall harmony and visual appeal, making each piece unique.

Rarity and Value

Haj Jalili Rug
Haji Jalili Tabriz carpet c. 1900 w/ tree of life design approx. 24′ x 18′ | Christie’s

Due to their age, beauty, and the meticulous craftsmanship required to
create them, Haji Jalili rugs are exceedingly rare. This rarity adds to
their value, making them not just home decorations but significant
investments. Collectors and enthusiasts seek out these rugs for their
historical significance, artistic quality, and investment potential, often
considering them heirlooms.

Haji Jalili Rugs in Traditional Upscale Interiors

Haj Jalili Rug
Haji-Jalili Tabriz carpet Northwest Persia c. 1880 approx. 13ft. x 9ft.8in. | Christie’s

Designers specializing in traditional and upscale interiors frequently
utilize Haji Jalili rugs to add a touch of elegance and history to a space.
These rugs work beautifully with antique furnishings, complementing wood
grains and classical architectural elements. The intricate designs and
subtle colorations of Haji Jalili rugs make them versatile for various
design schemes, providing a focal point or a harmonious backdrop to
luxury interiors.

Nejad Rugs in Doylestown, PA

Haj Jalili Rug
An antique Haji-Jalili Tabriz carpet 13ft. x 9ft.5in.(396cm. x 286cm.) | Christie’s

For those interested in owning a piece of this historic artistry, Nejad Rugs
in Doylestown, PA, offers an extensive inventory of investment-level antique
rugs, including Haji Jalili orientals. Their vast inventory is known for its
breadth and quality, attracting buyers from across the country who seek
authentic, well-preserved examples of Persian weaving. Nejad Rugs ensures
that each Haji Jalili rug is presented with respect to its historical and
artistic value, providing potential buyers with not only a rug but a piece
of art that holds a story and an era within its threads.


Haj Jalili Rug
Haji Jalili style Tabriz carpet Northwest Persia c. 1880 approx. 374 by 285cm | Sotheby’s

Haji Jalili Persian rugs represent a pinnacle of Persian carpet weaving.
The delicate balance of artistic design, historical significance, and
masterful craftsmanship in these rugs make them not just decorative
elements but profound cultural statements. As prized possessions in the
world of art and design, they continue to inspire and captivate with their
beauty and historical depth. Whether you are a collector, a designer, or
someone who appreciates fine art, the legacy of Haji Jalili’s rugs offers
a timeless appeal that transcends generations.

Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal

Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal

Tufenkian made-in-Nepal rug - Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal by Nejad

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