Sotheby’s Sets New Record High, Persian Rug Sells at $33.7 Million

Clark Sickle-Leaf Antique Persian Carpet

We have been seeing a considerable increase in the demand for high quality antique Persian Rugs over the past two years. This market is dominated by very exclusive high-end professional interior designers and architects in addition to serious rug collectors.

Yesterday’s Sotheby’s record setting sale of the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet at $33.7 million dollars, more than triple the previous rug auction record set in April 2010
by Christie’s for $9.6 million dollars, is a good indicator of how hot this market is getting.

In our Nejad Gallery in Doylestown, PA on our second floor we have what a renowned New York interior designer called a “jewel box” of fantastic antique Persian, Caucasian,
Turkish, Indian, and Chinese oriental rugs. This collection has been meticulously accumulated over the past three decades and represents our family’s commitment and passion
for magnificent rare Oriental Rugs.

As with all fine art and antiques, it is especially important that you work with the most respected and reputable rug dealer. It can take a lifetime of study and experience to be able to distinguish rare finds from the rest. The acquisition of the “right” antique oriental rugs can enrich your living space as well be a wonderful investment.

Happy Rug Shopping!

Oriental Rugs & The Arts and Crafts Movement

The Arts and Crafts movement was one of the most important developments in the world of design, beginning in England in the 1860’s and quickly spreading to Europe and the United States.  The idea is both beautiful and universally true.  All human beings have the need for artistic expression, and when given the opportunity and training, magnificent art can be created by almost anyone.  William Morris, a Renaissance man if there ever was one, is considered the father of the movement
and is one of my all time favorite historical figures.

So when I began to work on my new Arts and Crafts rug designs, I traveled to England’s Coltwalds region to research the rugs produced by William Morris and Company at the turn of the twentieth century. Designated an “Area of Outstanding Beauty” in 1966, I am sure that this region greatly influenced the natural aspects of color and design elements used in Morris’ rugs, wallpapers and fabrics.  During my stay, I was fortunate enough to tour his beautiful home and studio and took back to Bucks County a suitcase stuffed with sketch books full of design ideas.

The theme of Arts & Craft rugs is one of larger stylized natural elements such as leaves, flowers and vines in usually more loose or rustic weaves that offer a rich texture often with intended abrash or subtle color variations.  One of my professors once said that there really isn’t anything new in design, just a reworking of existing ideas. I found this to be true even with the William Morris rug designs. Many of the individual design
elements are very similar to those found in old Persian Sultanabad and Oushak rugs and the acanthus leaves with vine movements quite often look like those found in antique Flemish tapestries and Savonnerie eighteenth century carpets. It was his combination of these intrinsically beautiful elements, scale of design and color
combinations that made this a fresh new style.

Arts and Craft style rugs are most frequently showcased in interior design magazines such as Architectural Digest and Veranda in rooms decorated with Stickley or Mission style furniture – simplistic without ornamentation. I myself have designed rooms for clients with Arts and Craft rugs that were Mid-Western rustic and even modern décor.
Whatever your style, I encourage you to explore these wonderfully decorative rugs for your own home of office.

Happy Rug Shopping!

The Beauty of Bucks County – An Inspiration of Color

One of the great loves of my life has been travel and I have had the extraordinary opportunity of visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Having said this, there is always one place I love to be during the fall season and that’s the magnificent countryside of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The gorgeous colors of amber, earthy green, cranberry, rust and blazing red create a kaleidoscope dance, enhanced and intensified by the most exquisite golden sun light.  These are the colors you will often find in my rug designs.  Warm, rich, soul embracing hues that transform a room into a life enhancing environment.

These precious next weeks I am purposely setting aside the afternoon hours to steal away from my studio to my favorite scenic spots in Lahaska, New Hope, Solebury, Yardley, Tinicum and Upper Makefield.  So if you happen to see a woman alongside the road with hundreds of yarn color samples and too many to count sketch pads, you’ll know it is me happily dreaming up the next collection of Nejad oriental rug designs and with no other place I’d rather be.

Happy Fall Everyone!