Dog Loves Staircase Rug Runner!

Large dog ready to descend a flight of steps after a staircase rug runner was installed!

After the installation of a hand-knotted rug runner this dog enthusiastically kept on going up and down the same stairs that he had previously only avoided!

Home improvement for humans and pets!

Staircase runners are a great way to increase the level of safety and comfort for you and for your pets! A handmade wool Oriental rug runner provides functional beauty to any type of wood staircase, not only as a cosmetic enhancement – but the added traction and cushioning as well as the increased visual differentiation on each step are factors that can make a stairway runner well worth the cost.

Case Study:

For medium to large size dogs climbing a flight of wood steps can be a bit of a challenge – and one that many dogs prefer to avoid. Even though they could otherwise negociate practically any stairwell, if necessary, the typical varnished wood steps on most flights of stairs offer no traction – so it is simply a case that their footing is just not very secure (you can almost hear those tapping claws!).

In this case, and when the runner installation was completed, both the dog and his owner were pleasantly surprised!

A Guide to Purchasing Oriental Rugs


This guide is designed to simplify your purchase of an Area or Oriental rug to enhance the beauty of your home.

Getting Started

On a room to room basis, determine how you use your room, the look and feel you want to create, and a budget per rug. There is a wide variety of rugs from which to choose at many price points.


  • Start with your rug first – fabric and wall-coverings should be selected after you have made your rug choice.
  • Determine the mood you want for a room e.g. formal or casual. The design personality and color of the rug chosen will help to create the desired feeling for the room.
  • Formal rugs can anchor a room with a calming effect.
  • Elegant fine lines and subdued colors have a quiet pleasing effect.
  • Pure colors are more formal and elegant.
  • Bold medallions make a dramatic statement.
  • Abrash (blending of two or more colors) creates a broader color palette and can be easier to decorate with.
  • Casual and fun elements are great for a family room.
  • Rug patterns can work with the existing designs and fabrics in your room.


Big Rugs First

  • Prioritize your rug purchases according to room size and importance.
  • Each rug acquired will influence your choices for future rug selections.
  • Accent rugs and runners are easier to coordinate with the main rug than vice-versa.

Room Size

  • Room layout will limit rug dimensions.
  • Note the max/min length and width in feet and inches


  • A furniture setting suggests the minimum size rug that will create an island effect to visually hold the pieces together.
  • There are no  rules about on or off the edges. Simply, what feels right and functions best.


  • Foot pathways should avoid pivot points at the edges of rugs.


  • Use a tarp or sheet folded to size to determine your preferred rug sizes, or – Mark the rug size on the floor with masking tape.
  • Some areas can use a room size rug or an assortment of smaller rugs.

Types of Rugs

There are three types of handmade rugs to consider for purchasing:

  • Handmade Knotted
  • Handmade Flatweave
  • Hand Tufted

Factors that influence price

  • Materials – wool, cotton, silk or synthetic fibers
  • Complexity of design
  • Number of colors used
  • Dying technique (vegetable or synthetic)

Knot count

  • Age and condition of antique and semi-antique rugs

Use of Room & Rug

  • Are you looking to purchase a rug as an investment that can be passed down through the generations or as a decorating accessory to use and enjoy now?
  • Consider the amount of traffic and soil to which the rug will be exposed.


  • Handmade weavings from natural fibers have an inviting soft appeal.
  • Pattern Clarity is achieved by using tight smooth finishes.
  • Rugs used as wall hangings, made into pillows, or used as tabletop coverings add warmth and texture to a well appointed room.


  • Area rugs are movable from room to room and house to house.
  • Quality materials and construction will insure the longevity of both the look and the value of a fine rug.
  • Handmade Oriental Rugs will last for generations with proper care and maintenance.

Standard Rug Sizes

Handmade rugs will vary slightly

2′×3′    4′×6′    8′×10′        12′×15′
2′×4′    5′×7′      9′×12′    12′×18′
3′×5′    6′×9′     10′×14′    14′×24′

Runners: 2’3″, 2’6″, 2’8″, 3′ wide and come in lengths of 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, etc.

Staircase Runners: Average length is 1’6″ per step

Rounds: 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′ diameters

Squares: 6′ and 8′

* Many rugs can be custom made to your size specifications

Color Swatches

It is always best to start decorating with your rug first. However, if you are using existing fabrics and wall-coverings, bring these and any other samples with you when shopping.

Preparing Your Oriental Rugs for the Holidays

Christmas tree in room setting

Nejad Rugs wishes you warm holiday greetings

The Holidays can be a wonderful time with friends and family gathering in your home to celebrate all of the festivities of the season.  One way you can start preparing your home to look its very best is by getting your Oriental Rugs professionally cleaned and repaired and replacing old padding if necessary. 

Another great tip for not just the holidays but year round is to prepare an
emergency quick fix box.   My quick fix box contains all of the basic stain
remover products that I’ve already researched and tested on my Persian Rugs and upholstery fabrics.  Your box should include a bottle of white vinegar, box of baking soda, a bottle of distilled water, Kosher salt, a bottle of peroxide, colorless sponges, clean white terry towels, Q-tips, dye-free
laundry detergent  and any other commercial cleaners that you have already pretested.  I also keep in my box a laminated solution chart based on the type of spill.

Christmas tree

Care and Maintenance of Your Oriental Rug through the Holiday Season


One more smart idea is to invest in quality furniture casters and chair glides to prevent indents in your rugs’ pile and scratches to your floors.   Especially during the holidays, castors and chair glides will protect your Oriental Rugs and floors from the wear and tear of guests pulling in and out table chairs and moving around furniture to create conversational seating.  There are companies that supply very specific castors depending on your furniture including All Glides at

For over 29 years, Nejad Gallery at 1 North Main Street in Doylestown Bucks County PA has provided the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas with expert Oriental Rug Hand Cleaning and Restorations.  Please view our Oriental Rug Cleaning video on Youtube at


Do You Know Who Really is Cleaning Your Oriental Rugs?

Antique Kerman Rug Before and After Photo

Trust the care and repair of your Rugs to the Experts at Nejad Rugs

The purchase an Oriental Rug is an investment that will last your family for generations if properly cared for. One of the most important things you can do to ensure the longevity of your rugs is to have them professionally cleaned once every five years.

For almost thirty years, Nejad Gallery has been the most trusted Oriental and Persian Rug cleaning and repair company in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Lehigh Valley, Mercer
County and Philadelphia. Most importantly, we do not send rugs out to be washed by anyone else. The majority of rug cleaning companies use industrial machinery that generically processes each rug in the same way. Because handmade rugs vary greatly, each rug needs to be carefully inspected and hand washed based on age, weave, wool and dyes. It is impossible to perform this level of care any other way.

When you choose Nejad Gallery to clean your Oriental rugs, you can be sure that your rugs will be expertly cleaned in our own facilities by our highly trained and experienced
staff. As designers and manufactures of handmade rugs, we understand exactly the amount of work it took to create and weave each rug and the wool and dyes used, therefore we
take the time and effort to ensure that the very highest level of service is performed for you rugs.

For more information please click on our Youtube Video or call 215-348-1255.

Bucks County Oriental Rug Cleaning, Wash, Repair, Restoration – Doylestown, PA

Sotheby’s Sets New Record High, Persian Rug Sells at $33.7 Million

Clark Sickle-Leaf Antique Persian Carpet

We have been seeing a considerable increase in the demand for high quality antique Persian Rugs over the past two years. This market is dominated by very exclusive high-end professional interior designers and architects in addition to serious rug collectors.

Yesterday’s Sotheby’s record setting sale of the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet at $33.7 million dollars, more than triple the previous rug auction record set in April 2010
by Christie’s for $9.6 million dollars, is a good indicator of how hot this market is getting.

In our Nejad Gallery in Doylestown, PA on our second floor we have what a renowned New York interior designer called a “jewel box” of fantastic antique Persian, Caucasian,
Turkish, Indian, and Chinese oriental rugs. This collection has been meticulously accumulated over the past three decades and represents our family’s commitment and passion
for magnificent rare Oriental Rugs.

As with all fine art and antiques, it is especially important that you work with the most respected and reputable rug dealer. It can take a lifetime of study and experience to be able to distinguish rare finds from the rest. The acquisition of the “right” antique oriental rugs can enrich your living space as well be a wonderful investment.

Happy Rug Shopping!

Nejad Gallery’s Great View of Marker Dedication Ceremony for Doylestown Lenape Native Americans

Main and State Street in Doylestown

It was an amazing treat to have such a great view of the Doylestown Historical Society’s dedication ceremony of a historical marker at State and Main Street.  The marker was set in place to honor The Lenape Native Americans important role in Doylestown’s history.

Native Americans from the Delaware Valley and elsewhere were dressed in magnificent traditional costumes in vibrant bright colors that showed off beautifully in the afternoon sunlight. Many families lined the streets to enjoy the dedication that was highlighted with a spirited performance of traditional dance and music. 

The importance of our Native Americans’ history and current crcumstances has always been one of my great interests.  While travelling in New Mexico we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit reservations and view their rich heritage of hand-woven textiles and pottery. Nejad Gallery has also proudly supported the ANA Americans for Native Americans nonprofit organization that raises money for humanitarian efforts in the Southwest, started by the late attorney Bill Eastburn and his wife Connie.

When Cleaning Silk Rugs – Expert Care is Needed

Hand woven 100% silk Oriental Rugs from Iran, Turkey, China, India and Pakistan have been prized for centuries throughout the world for their spectacular radiant beauty, intricately woven patterns and magnificent range of colors. If you are lucky enough to own such a splendid piece of art, at some point you will need to have your silk rug professionally cleaned and choosing the right Oriental Rug cleaning company makes all the difference.

Because of the delicate nature of silk fibers, Persian Silk Ghoum rugs,
Turkish Silk Hereke rugs, Chinese Sino Silk Ghoum rugs and India Silk Kashmir rugs all need high level expert knowledge in the very special care to properly hand wash these hand woven treasures.  The cleaning techniques and solutions used for silk rugs are different and more involved than the cleaning process for wool oriental rugs.   If done correctly, a properly cleaned silk oriental rug look as vibrant and lustrous as when it was first woven. 

Unfortunately many Oriental Rug cleaning companies do not have the knowledge or facilities to correctly clean 100% silk Oriental Rugs.  Below is a photo of one such example.  This ruined Turkish Silk Hereke rug was brought to me last week by a Montgomery County client. The rug was permanently damaged by a rug cleaning company and I was engaged for my appraising service to assist with the clients’ insurance claim.  Unfortunately over the years I have seen too many beautiful silk rugs ruined by inexperienced or ill equipped Oriental Rug cleaning companies.

Click now to visit our Rug Washing Page

For over 28 years, Nejad Gallery at 1 North Main Street in Doylestown Bucks County PA has provided the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas with the slow, labor intensive, meticulous, oriental rug hand washing process needed to ensure that your silk oriental rugs will be returned to you in the best possible condition.  Please view our Oriental Rug Cleaning video on Youtube at and call (215) 348-1255 for all of your Oriental Rug needs.

Ali R. Nejad, President & CEO


“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”
 - Rumi    Thirteenth Century Persian Poet

Bold Patterns are Best Left for Oriental Rugs

Designing a room can very easily go wrong when the investment in an expensively upholstered sofa with a strong fabric pattern derails all other design choices. This is a scenario I have encountered too many times too count. 

What originally looked great in a fabric book or on the furniture store’s display sofa can become a nightmare when trying to choose a complimentary Oriental Rug.  The odd color in a chintz or the bold design in a large floral pattern can significantly limit your choices for a suitable rug without incurring the costs of a custom made rug.

As a rule of thumb, I advise clients whenever possible to first purchase their Oriental Rug and then use the colors of the rug as a guide for their fabric selections for furniture, window treatments and wall coverings.  My professional preference is to use fabrics on large furniture pieces that have wonderful texture but are monochromatic or simple tone on tone designs.  Rich chenilles, damasks, velvets, mohair, leathers and suedes are my choices for sofas and sectionals.

A plain neutral sofa, a gorgeous Oriental Rug and complementary “pops” of design and color from upholstered side chairs and ottomans and accessories such as throws, pillows, table cloths, valances and art work make a well designed room.

Happy Rug Shopping!

Storm Sandy & Water Damaged Oriental Rugs

The Northeast Coast and especially our communities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York have sustained heavy damage from Storm Sandy. My family’s homes, as with many of our neighbors and clients, are still without electricity and have been dealing with relocation issues, logistical problems and storm damaged property.  All of this pales in comparison to those who lost loved ones and our hearts and prayers go out to each and every one.

As trying as the past few days have been, it is always important to remember that our health and well being are what is most important.  Everything else can be repaired or replaced. 

At Nejad Gallery we have been diligently working long hours assisting our clients with their water damaged oriental rugs. Prolonged exposure to water can cause your oriental rugs to color bleed, stain, mold or rot. Time is extremely important when dealing with wet rugs. The sooner you drop off your rugs or have us pick them up and we get them back to our expert wash facility for treatment and cleaning, the less likely damage will occur.  Mitigating your loss will also bode well with your insurance company.

We are also there to help make the process of submitting insurance claims go as smoothly as possible.  We document the condition of the rugs as they are brought in and can supply current market replacement values if needed.  We have extensive experience of almost three decades working with insurance adjusters and insurance companies nationwide.  Nejad Gallery is relied upon as an expert Oriental Rug Cleaning & Restoration Company & Appraiser by most of the leading insurance
companies including Chubb, State Farm, Travelers, Erie, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Allied, Hartford and Farmers to name a few.

Please call 215-348-1255 – we are here to assist you with all your Oriental Rug needs.

Down Sizing & Oriental Rugs

What to do with too large or too many oriental rugs when downsizing to a smaller residence can be a bit of a decorating dilemma.

Recently I have been working with clients in Philadelphia, New York, and Princeton, NJ, all of whom have beautiful sizable oriental rugs and are moving from large single family homes into smaller retirement communities.  The decision as to what to take, give to family members, sell or donate can be very challenging. 

My first task is to identify the oriental rugs the client absolutely loves and prefers not to part with.  If at all possible I will incorporate these rugs into the new home as floor coverings, wall art or even bed covers (if the weight and texture permits).  If we cannot place a rug, I will recommend trading it in for a similar rug from the same country of origin with similar design and colors but in the appropriate smaller size. If I do not have a particular rug, being a member of the exclusive Oriental Rug Importers Association allows me access to enormous inventories across the country and overseas. Over the many years, I was able to find many clients the perfect Oriental rug.

Even treasured rugs that may seem too worn or damaged can be easily repurposed into ottoman covers, pillows or even framed wall art.  For one client from New Hope, Pa, I cut and hand binded a beautiful old but damaged Persian Ghasghie kilim into a stunning one of a kind long table runner.  For another client in Newtown, Pa I used the borders of a damaged antique Persian Kashan rug as trim for gorgeous drapery panels.  I find many of my clients get great satisfaction and enjoyment from innovating new uses for what they may have otherwise thrown away.

As for the rugs that are not favorites or cannot be placed, I encourage clients to trade in these rugs towards an Oriental rug in the finest quality afforded and make this piece a very special addition to their new home and new life.

Happy Rug Shopping!