The Virtual World of the Internet Advertising Often Leads to Real World Customers’ Disappointment & Wasted Time for Oriental Rug Shoppers

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Other Rug Stores VS Nejad Oriental Rugs

When searching online for a reputable Oriental rug importer it often surprises
customers how a store can look so grand and reputable on the internet but when visited in person they find small stores with little inventory or no store at all.

I liken it to online dating with profiles submitted, you know, often having
nothing (or absolutely nothing) to do with reality. The aim is to lure in as
many unsuspecting prospects as possible and hope a fast-talking sales pitch works in place of the true investment needed for a real rug importer.

How often is this scenario repeated? Probably more often than reported! Even though there is Yelp and Google Plus, the internet doesn’t have the ability to “police” every claim made by every merchant to protect every consumer all the time. The popular nostrum Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) is as relevant today as ever!

At Nejad Rugs we pride ourselves on being members of the prestigious Oriental Rug Importers Association, an exclusive group of the largest rug importers in the United States. We also make the huge financial commitment of owning our carefully selected inventory of magnificent new and antique rugs in two expansive Pennsylvania warehouses



Girls Group Learns About the Art of Rug Weaving at Nejad Oriental Rugs in Bucks County PA

Girls riding carpet!

Adventuresome Young Ladies Get Set to Test Drive a Carpet from the Nejad Showroom

A girls youth group, recently sightseeing in Doylestown, payed an impromptu
visit to the Nejad Rugs showroom at 1 North Main Street. In their tour of
the premesis the young ladies became very excited and happy to see so many
gorgeous, colorful rugs in a splendid array of different colors and design
styles. No, they didn’t get to ride a magic carpet, but they did have the
opportunity to learn the basics of how handmade rugs are woven, and how the
materials and techniques used in the process of rugmaking have remained
consistent over the centuries of textile history – a time-honored traditional
art form passed down from generation to generation. While some of the girls
were more impressed by the idea of the level of skill and discipline involved
in the actual weaving of the rugs, everyone, it seemed, equally enjoyed the
end products of all that labor!

Nejad Rugs Sponsors Fundraiser Event to Benefit Native Americans

Ali & Theresa Nejad

ANA Event sponsors Theresa & Ali Nejad of Nejad Rugs, Doylestown, PA

The 2015 ANA Americans for Native Americans Garden Party and fundraiser, sponsored by Ali & Theresa Nejad of Nejad Rugs, Doylestown, was held on August 22nd in nearby Furlong, PA.

This charitable event successfully raised funds to promote and help support programs that provide scholarships for Native American nursing students in partnership with Doylestown Hospital, a Back Pack program that features nutritious weekend meals for Native American students as well as veterinary assistance to select areas of the American southwest.

Bucks County Herald featured article for ANA Party
For more information please visit the website

Creative Interior Design by Nejad – Working with Curved Seating and Round Oriental Rugs

Theresa Nejad Interior Design

Interior design by Nejad featuring round Oriental rug with urved sofa

Incorporating curved seating into a room’s decor is a stylish means of creating a unique yet comfortable interior design in a rectangular or rounded space. A beautiful round Oriental rug can be added to continue the curved lines of the furniture, adding both wonderful color and design to a small or large room.

Interior design with round rug

Room setting featuring Nejad Silk & Wool round SK015BRIY rug

Nejad’s gorgeous fine hand-knotted Silk & Wool all-over Persian Kashan design round Oriental rug looks wonderful in this Bucks County PA luxury home just outside of Philadelphia. The rich burgundy field accented with an ivory border flows perfectly with the light colored curved sofa and burgundy fabric arm chairs. The rug’s traditional design works beautifully with the room’s classic black baby grand piano, marble fireplace surround, entrance wood columns and hardwood floors.

Nejad Rugs has been designing, manufacturing and importing fine handmade Oriental rugs for over thirty years and is a leading source to design professionals across the county.

For more information visit:  or call 215-348-1255

Rug Design:  SK015 Burgundy/Ivory   Available in room sizes, rounds, hall & staircase runners

View in Nejad online catalog | Detail view of this rug



Nejad donates Designer Rug to Local Charitable Fund Supporting Brain Cancer Research

Letter of acknowledgement to Ali & Theresa Nejad

Letter from JAG Fund to Ali Nejad in recognition of his generous donation

Nejad Rugs of Doylestown has generously donated a Theresa Nejad original designer rug valued at $1800 to the Jag Fund. Since 1989 this Philadelphia area-based philanthropic organization has raised and donated over $1,500,000.00 to the American Brain Tumor Association.

For more information please visit

12 Month Restoration Project Undertaken on One-of-a-Kind Antique Kurdish Rug

Before : After Repair

Comparison: Kurdish Azerbajan rug sbefore and after the restoration process

A Bucks County family’s cherished heirloom, a large Kurdish Azerbaijan Rug c. 1890, which had undergone extensive wear, especially to the center of the rug, where even the pile itself had been worn down to the very foundational threads, has been completely restored – or should we say “virtually recreated” – by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown PA.

Threadbare center section of rug before repair by Nejad

Extensive wear is notable in center of rug – the pile worn down to warp and weft

Essentially the damaged areas of the rug were rebuilt from the ground up (literally) which means, for all practical purposes, that before any reweaving of the pile could actually commence, the once intact 100 year + threadbare textile would need to undergo a careful reinforcing of the warp and weft threads.

And, that, not before finding the correct quality and texture of woolen yarn, achieving an exact color match in the wool-dying process and, then, matching the artwork itself, and with the same knot density – each and every knot carefully tied off at the same angle of the original weave so as not to create any shading differences on the surface of the pile.
Finally, after months of reweaving, the rug was ready for – yes, one more step – the finishing process of shearing the newly rewoven pile to match the pile height of the rest of the rug.

The masterfully completed rug restoration project

A large Antique Kurdish Azerbajan Rug c. 1890 after complete restoration by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown

The expertly restored rug was then examined for the last time by Mr. Ali Nejad and deemed ready to present to the client, who, after careful inspection of the repairs stated that “it was almost impossible to tell where the new pile had been rewoven!”

Nejad has been the Philadelphia area’s premier company for professional Oriental Rug hand washing and expert repairs for over 30 years.

For more information visit: Nejad Rugs Restoration & Repair or call 215-348-1255.



The Chelaberd Eagle Kazak Rug – a Rare Find and Excellent Investment

Chelaberd Eagle Kazak antique rug c. 1890 Nejad’s Chelaberd Eagle Kazak antique rug is a rare find and an excellent investment!

One of the most sought after Caucasian rugs among serious Oriental rug collectors is the Chelaberd Eagle Kazak which is also sometimes called the Sunburst Kazak.

The rug’s three center motifs are stylized sunburst medallions, representing life on earth and universal order. The foundation and pile are both hand spun wool colored with natural vegetable dyes.

This rug also has the most desirable ivory background color and beautiful accents of gold, yellow and blues.

A rug of this age from 1890 would normally show a lot of wear and have many
restorations however this rug is in very good condition which makes it a rare find and an excellent investment!

For more information please visit About Antique Kazak Rugs

Nejad Offers Investment-Quality Antique Rugs – Kerman Lavar Circa 1920

Dining room setting features antique carpet from Nejad

Nejad’s investment-quality antique Kerman Lavar rug adds vintage elegance to this Ambler, PA dining room

A young professional couple from Ambler PA came to Nejad’s Doylestown rug gallery
shopping for a fine Oriental rug for their new luxury home’s dining room.

Client fabric samples show high degree of color compatability with rug

Close-up section of teal and rose antique Kerman rug with client-supplied fabric samples at Nejad Rugs in Doylestown

The clients had brought in their fabrics (see photo above).

Antique carpet in elegant dining room setting

Ambler PA dining room features classic Kerman Lavar carpet from Nejad

After looking at many rugs, everyone agreed on the selection of Nejad’s investment quality beautiful fine weave Antique Kerman Lavar Circa 1920 all-over relaxed design with a soft ivory background and the perfect complementing teal blue and rose border colors.


Oriental Rug Fringe Repair: Before – After

Before and After images of fringe replacement on Oriental rug

Before & After: Nejad’s expert fringe replacement – or re-fringing – of this handmade Oriental carpet – has substantially improved this rug’s appearance.

A Bucks County client brought into Nejad Rugs in Doylestown, PA a hand knotted Pakistani-made Persian Design Oriental Rug in need of fringe repair

Detail view of rug fringe replacement by Nejad Rugs

This expertly hand-knotted fringe – newly replaced by Nejad – is woven into the fabric of the rug.

Nejad’s expert fringe repair service – which included complete replacement of the fringes on both sides of the carpet – has breathed new life into our client’s rug.