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About Persian Bidjar Antique Oriental Rugs


A select few species in the animal kingdom are noted for their longevity, and fewer still, such as the parrot or the tortoise - for their ability to survive intact for a hundred, a hundred twenty - or even a hundred fifty years or more. Likewise in the category of textiles there exists an equivalent example in the form of a rug that boasts a 200-year life expectancy - a rug otherwise known as the Iron Rug of Persia - the Bidjar Rug.

A rare, investment-quality approx. 4' × 17' antique Bidjar runner - in excellent condition - currently being offered by Nejad.
[Nejad Rugs #20646 - Persian Bidjar Runner - circa 1900]

The Bidjar Rug Style

As in the rug above, the antique Bidjar rug is typically a heavy, compact, handsome and durable rug, functionally elegant and usually featuring large bold patterns - either Herati, medallion or floral - in muted shades of blue, ivory and yellow over a background field of brick or a muddy red. Very versatile, these rugs have a conservative, stately and official character and could be an appropriate choice for organizational use - especially for high-traffic areas.

This 4.2' × 7.3' investment quality Antique Persian Bidjar carpet, circa 1900 (Nejad Rugs #161622) - in very good condition -
is currently being offered by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown, PA.

Bidjar, Iran

Bidjar is a small city in Kurdistan Province, approximately 90 miles south of Tabriz, that is internationally famous for it's rugs. Iranian Kurdistan - different than Kurdistan Province - is the unofficial name for the parts of northwestern Iran bordering Iraq and Turkey inhabited by Kurds, and includes the Province of Kurdistan as well as the city of Bidjar (Bijar). The Kurds who live there are a people of Indo-European origin who comprise the majority of the population of the region and who speak an Iranian language known as Kurdish.

Bidjar is located approx. 90 miles south by southeast of Tabriz along the ancient silk routes through Persia.

The Kurdish weavers of Bidjar are renouned for producing a carpet known as the Iron Rug of Persia.

An exquisitely-crafted Bidjar silk rug c. 1880 - sold at a premium at Christie's auction house.

Consumer Notes

The antique Bidjar is one of the most sought after of any rug type. There are some well known dealers who specialize in and collect this particular style of rug almost exclusively. The rugs themselves - due to the compactness and length of the pile - have incredible resilience and provide an unusual supportive feel. Conservative in style - the overall design and color portray a somewhat somber yet stately elegance. The trend for the more-contemporary versions of Bidjar rugs, however, may include designs that are more florid or decorative with less sturdy construction.

An investment-quality 3.8' × 4.10' Semi-Antique Persian Bidjar Gul-Farang carpet, C. 1970, Nejad #22310 - excellent condition -
is currently being offered by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown, PA.

This 4.7' × 6.1' investment quality Semi-Antique Persian Bidjar carpet circa 1960, Nejad #4633 - in very good condition -
is currently being offered by Nejad Rugs of Doylestown, PA.

Currently Nejad is offering the following antique and semi-antique Bidjar rugs for sale:
                  #20646 Bidjar  |  #161622 Bidjar  |  #22310 Bidjar  |  #4633 Bidjar  |  #22690 Bidjar

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