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About Antique Mujar Oriental Rugs


The term Mujar Mudjar or Mujur rug has become synonymous with the term Prayer Rug and refers to the prayer rugs handwoven in Mucur, a village in central Turkey, the designs of which have been compared to those on the stained-glass windows of medieval European cathedrals.

A fine representative sample of the Turkish prayer rugs - this antique carpet is currently being offered by Nejad Rugs.

The Antique Mujar Rug

Mudjar - Mucur, or Mujar - Rugs are mainly prayer rugs with a distinctive mihrab stepped and topped with a geometrically figured pole and surrounds with wide symmetical borders. The mihrab field is typically a deep red or an earthen tone, while the colorful geometric border patterns are rendered in yellows, violets, oranges and ivory. The weave is moderately coarse with 40-100 Turkish knots per square inch.

The Rug-Producing Region of Mujar

Mucur (Mudjar, Mujar) is a district of the province of Kirsehir located in the central Anatolian region of Turkey with a population of under 30,000. At an elevation of approximately 300 feet, Mucur resides over the North Anatolian Fault - an active earthquake zone.

Consumer Notes

The following Mujar prayer rug (sold at auction at Christie's, below) - over 150 years of age - appears to be in very good to excellent condition.

Currently Nejad is offering the following antique Mujar carpets for sale: #24390 Mujar

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